Welcome! Please read first

Welcome to Urgat's Paperworks! Here you will find various scenery resources for your fantasy (and maybe, later, science fiction) settings for tabletop gaming. Be it natural terrain and elements, buildings, caves and so on, eventually, we plan on offering you a vast array of choices for your skirmishes or great battles.
These resources are PDF files that you may buy, download, and then print.
Upon clicking on the "buy now" button (or by going through Payloadz website, a link is provided), you will be able to purchase the file (Paypal only). When the transaction is complete, a download link will be generated and sent to you by mail. This link will expire after 48 hours, so download your PDF as soon as possible.
The files are high quality, with a resolution of 300dpi (that's press quality). You will get great results on your inkjet printer, but you may consider having them printed at a local store, on a laser printer, for the best result.
Why getting cardboard scenery?
Well, first of all, it is cheaper. It can be printed as many times as you want, so you can replace damaged sets, or expand your collection. It is rather sturdy, as you will want to use thick enough sheets (I like to use blank Bristol), but even if they do get damaged, it's not a big deal: just print the damaged sheet again! And, last but not least, it is very light: you can carry it around very easily.
What you should expect, though, is the need for a moderate amount of skills. Those products are aimed at hobbyists, people who know what they are looking for, and what they will get. But to sum up:
-being able to setup your printer. Turning off edges and "scale to page" or equivalents is essential. Color balance may be useful depending on the quality of your machine, or if you want to achieve a brighter or colder tone than what the default PDF offers you.
-being able to cut along edges. It is not always that easy. You need to be legally allowed to use scissors, stanley knives, etc. No responsibility will be taken if you injure yourself with such tools. The same applies to glues or any other tool or product you may be required to use.
-follow simple, and sometimes complex guides for building certain models. You will often need to trust your own judgement. We can not stress it enough: dry-fit everything first before gluing.
-patience! it can take a while to cut and glue everything.
Hopefully, the result should be very rewarding!